Impression № 002: Tiny Things

Knox discusses her art with Dr. Hurley:

“I am attracted to the still-life subject not only because it presents an opportunity to intimately know an object through the drawing process, but also because the still-life represents a moment. A still-life is not only the object, but also the light, even the weather and the artist’s mood. The choice of objects and their placement conveys a certain feeling. In “Small Vials,” the feeling is of contrasts and sparkling light. The objects are similar in both being made of glass, but their form and the way the late-afternoon light passes through them differs. “Turkish Hazelnut” presented an exercise in texture. The shaggy husk enclosing its smooth edible nut has strange finger-like appendages, and those cast almost eerie shadows.”

“For as long as I’ve been putting pencil to paper, most of my subjects have been things small, ephemeral, and jewel-like. My dad says that when I was still toddler-age, a dragonfly alighted on my skirt, and I stared at it intently for as long as it rested there, then took up a stick and drew a dragonfly in the sand. This seems too poetic to be true, but I like the image and it does seem like me.”Graphite on paper, by E. Knox.

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  1. Jamie

     /  March 21, 2011

    Beautiful work E. Knox! The hazelnut is a strange and amazing-looking thing, which seems like just the thing for Dr. Hurley…


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