Impression № 004: Angelika Peißker

Angelika Peißker tells Dr. Hurley about her art: “I’m fascinated by simplicity and silence and the strength that comes from it. In my drawings I try to discover the beauty of silence and dreams that comes out of this state.

Since I was a child I have loved pencil drawing – it’s a passion that has never left me. My work is very personal, full of memories that I try to express.

In my work I try to remember the beauty of life and try to share something precious and magical with people out there to give them a smile.”

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  1. Courtney Thomas Vance

     /  April 11, 2011

    These are visually very striking, thoughtful images.

    I’m kind of in love.

    I especially adore the middle print. The details on the newspaper are enough to make a girl get all swoon-like. And every fold and wrinkle on the man, his stature, his expression – it’s stunningly realistic, like a snapshot, but the color work and the pencil lines give it this lovely illustrative feel.

    I hope to see more from this artist.


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