Dr. Hurley’s Digest: Week Eight

It was an exciting week at Dr. Hurley’s, marking the end of our second month in business!  We’re cooking up some good things for the next week, but are also looking for new submissions, particularly in prose and artwork!  Send your submissions along to snakeoilcure@gmail.com!

Here’s what you missed last week:


Visual treats:

More on the Doctor himself:


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  1. Such excellent stuff going on around here! It all makes me so happy. Yay for your second month! May it only get even more awesome :D

    • Thanks Melissa! We’re really happy with how things are going, and would love to take a look at anything else you might want to submit.

      So far, May is looking good, though!


      • I think I may have to work on something to send you guys soon! Until then, I’ll def keep enjoying what you have here :D!

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