Impression № 007: You can stay my Darling, but not for long!

Graphic Designer Vladimir Stankovic tell us about his art:

I’m a graphic designer from Serbia currently working on my Master’s degree in Finland. Although I’m studying graphic design, which is a very commercial discipline, I find it hard not to develop my other side which is more inclined towards fine arts and illustration on a personal, darker, level. As long as I can remember I used to draw, whenever I had a chance and on whatever I could get my hands on: old books and notebooks, wood pieces etc. Mysteries of any kind, human imperfections, sexuality, life and of course death are the subjects that have fundamentally influenced my interests and artistic expression. The dark side is always there, some shy away from it and some accept it and explore its realms without fear.

You can stay my Darling, but not for long!

The illustrations that I’ve been working on lately
have been influenced by my childhood memories, stories I used to listen to, fairy tales and old myths. I started researching the meanings of fairytales and discovered a lot of interesting facts about them, their hidden messages and symbolism, which, once discovered, make the story more mesmerizing and magical.

Stay tuned for some more wonderful work by Vladimir Stankovic coming up soon.

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