Dr. Hurley’s Digest: Week TEN

It’s been another rip-roaring week at Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure!  From truly frightening fairy-tale art to grisly romantic lashings-out, you’ve missed a LOT of goodness if you missed this week!

But first!  Dr. Hurley has asked us to pass along a couple of announcements and calls for submissions.

Announcement № 01: POTUS Portraits.

Friday saw the beginning of a new series of Presidential Portraits on the Snake-Oil Cure – David DiMaria kicked us off to a good start with his intimate portrait of Andrew Jackson, but we want MORE!  If you’ve ever photographed, drawn, written about, sculpted or otherwise created a portrait of any U.S. president, living or dead, send it to us!  We’re especially looking for portraits of Abe Lincoln to start, but are interested in all of them!

Announcement № 02: Smithsonian Dialogues

Continuing on the American theme, we discovered recently that the Smithsonian Institution has a large archive of photos publicly available on their Flickr Stream.  What we would like is for you to go and pick a photo and respond to it.  Create a piece of visual art in response, write about it, write to it, write from its perspective!  Do anything you want with it!  Then send us a link to the original image along with your creation.

As always, submissions should be sent along with your brief biography and contact information to snakeoilcure@gmail.com

Now to the good stuff from last week:





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