Still life with lamb

Untitled cyanotype by Thomas Smillie, 1890

Still life with lamb, sunprint, by Emily E. Jones, 2011

My image is in many ways a reversal of the original.  A sunprint is a variation on the cyanotype process using similar chemicals, but creating a reverse image.  By placing objects onto the paper and using the sun to expose the image, the covered areas remain white and the uncovered go dark in the sun.  The original cyanotype preserves the light and dark tones observed by the eye.

Furthermore, while the taxidermied lamb in the original image is an attempt at preserving a lifelike appearance while entirely removing the animal from its natural habitat, my paper cutout abandons all hope of appearing natural, while attempting to recreate an abstracted, artificial habitat for an abstracted, artificial image of the lamb.

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  1. Jamie

     /  June 24, 2011

    This is fantastic. I love how the flowers and stems in the background of the sunprint echo the crinkles in the fabric behind the lamb in the cyanotype.

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