Help Desk Dream


he cars cover the sky in a riot of color and rust, their auras glowing blue to show they’re running well. I keep a close eye on the auras as I buzz around in my jetpack, watching for problems. Vans and SUVs drift sedately by, econo boxes flutter about like butterflies, tossed by the breeze. Trucks and buses plow along inches above the ground.

A Civic drifts earthward, its aura darkening toward the violet. I jet towards the glow, dodging the other cars. New plugs, a healthy blue aura, and the Civic resumes its course.

More cars fail, so I get busier. Auras start to drift into the red before I can get to them. I rush from one car to another, but they keep getting lower, slower, and redder. I can’t go faster, but I try, and bump into healthy vehicles, slowing me more, making things worse.

A truck’s aura flares bright red, then the truck crashes into the ground and its aura goes black as it tumbles along, tossing parts in the air, shrapnel that collides with other vehicles, creating more red in the sky. Soon vehicles are plummeting out of the sky all around, black auras and grinding metal everywhere. An engine block hits my jetpack, and I fall from the sky, tumbling towards the enormous black aura cast by a ruined oil tanker…

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