A Highly Political Poem; To Rally the GOP Minority in Asheville

          for Britt Alan Webb

Marilyn Monroe, supreme poet, gave a nugget
this Madaraka Day to Barack Obama.  It read:

Remember Mother’s Day, remember Father’s Day,
always remember, earn your pay.
Give a flower to mama, give a Heineken to dad,
and stop scratching your crux, you’ll likely go mad.

Marilyn then returned to her serious life as a
potato fancier: she was making another pilgrimage
to the Andes in twelve months, her pet name
for JFK was “bastard potato” after many trysts

incognito on the Chiloé Archipelago, its amazing
fried Pachacoñas smothered in sour cream being
an aphrodisiac rivalling watching videos of
Barack Obama shooting hoops.  O sexy spud,


cleaved naked of skin, the captains of industry eat
you sautéed while they whine and dine, watching
old news footage of Ronald Reagan bringing home
the cured, then smoked bacon; his miracle the Crepitus
worshipped even today by admirers of Sarah Palin.
O, sweet melancholy, I jest thee: I eat beans and
lentils like any Alaskan resident, brains only
on special occasions, my rancor is fictional, my
taste buds are up for tons of fungi, such as we see
at Sheeple National Conventions.  In 2012,
let Terry Bellamy scoff so many pepperoni pizzas, her
breath will remind us of the damp, unused parts of
Thomas Wolfe’s closet, lined with mouldering copies of
The Daily Tar Heel.  O Asheville, rise again, with attitude!

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