Irish Balderdash: Knockmealdown (Co. Waterford)


nockmealdown,  sure, a fine little town. Once and beforetimes, aaages before, a miscreant elf lad knocked on the door of the head of the leprechauns in that small town; said the elves would all leave if  he  knocked the elf down. The leprechaun swore if he couldn’t, his folk would do likewise the same, but the bet made him choke. They  brawled like great warriors a glorious day, but when the smoke cleared, the elf had held sway.

And that’s why of all of the towns in the green land of Éire, Knockmealdown’s the lone with no  leprechaun near.

by Lydia Ondrusek

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  1. Writing like this is an art! you excel! {HUGS} for you


    • Darby O'Shea

       /  August 12, 2011

      Be sure to vote for it in the poll if you love it so much!

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