Exposure № 040: Sembrar el recuerdo

Photographer and architect Naama Sarid-Maleta tells us that this photo is a part of a set that she made for a friend and fellow photographer in Madrid. She was about to leave her house and she wanted me to do some photos there, so she would have something to be able to remember her house by. All the photos from this set deal with nostalgia and also with her strong connection with structures from nature-like the flowers, and like her ladder, that looks like a bone of some big creature as well as the piece of wood echoing her bottom’s shape.

Camera: Hasselblad.  Film: 120mm Diapositiva 100asa (expired).
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  1. This photograph has excellent texture . But I particularly enjoy the dignified desccription of how “piece of wood echoing her bottom’s shape”.

    Enchanting work.


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