Dr. Hurley’s Patented Invisible Prescriptions

This is a test of Dr. Hurley’s Patented Invisible Prescriptions.

From the Desk of Dr. Seamus Hurley

Dear Loyal Anti-Tediumites,

If you thought I had allowed my staff here at the Restorative Baths and Spa an unannounced hiatus, then you are sadly mistaken.  For no, there was no hiatus these past days – rather we were testing a new diagnostic.  If you are among the lucky ones who were able to see Dr. Hurley’s Patented Invisible Prescriptions (a sample of which appears above this text) over the last few days, we should like very much to hear from you.  You see, we knew that this particular diagnostic would help us to isolate a particular segment of the population for study, but we were unsure which particular trait would present itself through this test (a result, we have concluded, of our own inability to see the text that has appeared in this space since last week).

We most wholeheartedly apologize for making use of you, our reading public and dedicated Warriors in the Fight against Tedium in all its Forms, as Test Subjects without procuring the necessary Consents and Releases.  However, we felt it necessary to conduct this diagnostic test under the cloak of secrecy, lest your knowledge of it cause you undue stress or eye strain while searching this (apparently) blank space over the last week.  We hope that your continuing good eyesight is payment enough for having been duped in this (practically) unforgivable manner.

My staff will provide instructions on providing your feedback to this test of Dr. Hurley’s Patented Invisible Prescriptions.

Yours ever, and ever striving for the eradication of Tedium in all its Forms,

The Doctor

(transcribed by EEJ)

A note from the Staff of Hurley’s Restorative Baths and Spa

If you have, indeed, seen Dr. Hurley’s Invisible Prescriptions over the last seven days (i.e. since the 6th of September), we invite you to further participate in this study of the Diagnostic’s effects.  Please send the following to us at snakeoilcure [at] gmail [dot] com by Sunday, the 18th of September:

  • Your name
  • The series of seven (7) individual words that appeared to you in this space over the last seven (7) days – i.e. one word per day.
  • If these words can be arranged into a sentence, please do so.
  • If you can otherwise interpret the meaning of these words, please do so in no more than three hundred (300) of your own words.
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