Digesting A Masterpiece

Pain stretches my word into distraught
Elevating the skill
Focused on the plot.
Eating up the rage…setting me in the middle of a pool of black ink…
tracing my tears deep thru the pages…
engraving laying to rest as to embed a recreation for self.
Confess it as a testimony…truth…liberating?…felt…mastering…pieces of me
Peace on the mind as I digest unwanted thoughts into art.
Meditation is to concentration as daydream is to sleep…
Resting as I  move pain on one accord, creating beauty …
words born effortlessly in solitude as silence speaks art’s masterpiece….
born to thrive in conviction!
Dieing in the lines of my notebook doing life for me.
Telling all my glory has secrets worthy to mercy,
condoning shame as I own in, mourning….
this is my life I write.
Revising nothing… raw, spiritual, soul free…
Counseling the air in my lungs for answers pumping thru my blood as I exhale again.
Putting all in awe of worth.
Saying the same things in differences,
my perception is weak for one way.
So I tell it three times harder than reality could.
Adjusting the mind like the lungs do air and the stomach does food…
taking nutrients from the thinking,
filtering out fallacies for belief…
I am wasted in my art!
The sweetest of all rewards in releasing weak linking…
the attraction to one piece of my mind to another,
still keeps me relating,
common ground, relieves me to recreate the chambers left empty to enhance a better part of me…
I let it out!
Art…digesting a masterpiece!

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