A Peace, for Georgie

for Georgie Juszczyk

Wandering from a spruce to a loose yet clingy
faithfulness curtains much desire. I speak in patterns,
an eighteenth century floccinaucinihilipilification
alive, alert in 2011. What truth preens itself, axes
trees? A dry, fiery truth, that you know needs water,
but the trip to the well brings out your
rambunctious side, your wild, already near-infinite
echoes, fuelling pet pinings, yet your night stars
already orbit your inexpressible sense, your keys
to thanking nostalgia and letting it fade. Nowhere,

above or floccinaucinihilipilificating below, is freer
than the pulsing, morphing insides of your imagination,
giving poetry to the many lights in your moment.
The illusive desert is far from Townsville, I’ll


crumble into the raw ground while you eschew every
mechanical dream for something verisimilar to a
romance in a Venusian rainforest, with a creamy,
driven hero way away from the abattoir of his
mind. Let your hands be gentle. If someone be
callous, be soft, offer the calumet, take them
to an invitation-only preview of your soul, where
you have enticed the proletariat to plant flowers, their
placid cadence moth-like, so tentatively nice their hot
blindness resolves into spoken sight. Beguile night,

Georgie, I’ll fall, while an unfolding legend shelters in
your pistils; engrave feather-lightly, coolly, dress
effortlessly; the mantle claiming you is as delicate
and elaborate as snow; travel to it, and alight.

* * * * *

Michael Fitzgerald-Clarke is an English-born Australian poet who lives in Townsville, Queensland. At present he is working on a manuscript titled “Five Faves, Five Least Faves”. When it is finished, it will comprise one hundred dedicated poems, for one hundred people, who will have given Michael their five favourite, and five least favourite, words. He weaves all ten of them into that person’s poem. Feel invited to take part. E-mail Michael your words to michael(dot)fitzgeraldclarke(at)gmail(dot)com. He blogs here. If Michael could have just one wish, he would give the wish away.

His publications at Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure can be found here.

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