A Sonnet by Joe Heidenreich

Soon after we had shoved off from the dock
And sailed beneath the dimming light of day
Along the gunnel, overcome, did walk
A small and timid insect stowaway

He didn’t move, he mostly sat and shook
As if, in fear, he stood there petrified
His eyes a blur, he couldn’t bear to look
At the commotion surrounding this ride

And as he weathered wind and splashing wave
It seems the courage inside him had grown
‘Til ultimately perched fearless and brave
He stared off into destinies unknown

I turned away to heed the coxswains call
When I looked back he wasn’t there at all

by Joe Heidenreich

* * * * *

This is the first in a series of featured entries in our first-ever poetry contest.
Stay tuned for more and get ready to vote for your favorite!

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  1. Great perspective from a tiny insect. Good language choices, makes it easy and exciting to imagine the great masted fleet. A very good sonnet.

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