Trying it all over again,
the wish, the dream that
all fell through.

I seized a slip of some soiled
spotted reminder;
none of it will be erased.

Fixed my thoughts anew and
again the dreams I had stayed
put.  Haunt me, hurt me, this
is what I have;

shadows and shades of what
should have been,  the light
fades just enough to say grace,
none of it will be erased.

Innermost in my musty soul
is your shining glow calling
me dimly in the stroke of
night, wafting wants and

Yes, deception has won me.
I crave to stand in the joy of
this minute!  Nothing harsh,
real hopes and wishes wandering
in a land of wispy pieces of a life.

* * * * *

Gisele Vincent-Page lives in Canada and is the author of “Strolling Down Heaven’s Gate“, a compilation of prose and poetry relating to her 28 years of living with HIV. She has received the Poet of the Week  award on two occasions on “Super Poetry Highway”. Her poems have been published in “Mused”; “Bella” online; “Poetry Soup”; all things girl, “Fanstory”; allpoetry.com; “Author’s Den”; received the Poet of the Month award from “The Writing Forum”.  The “Body HIV/AIDS” Newsletter has also published one of her poems. She has written blogs for the website “A Girl Like Me” (AGLM).

Her other contributions to Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure can be found here.

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