The Seemingly Un-ending Machines III


here birds once nested is now sterile;
we were singing madrigals
soft animal lines in the movie of a cave
we must not forget.

In the years after college
a child for each year over the picket fence
that you should call your Senator to fix
all the exits of things and those you were.

You’re in chinos mingling with
lingering purple-lit camcorders
a cell phone asks if I’m aware of the fact
the world  will end
mumbling and screeching brakes
they say in …
roughly twenty years will be it

Well aren’t we all actually quite
well you say you thought you were alone;
that guy thought he was a regal queen
a kind of ga ga go-go girl.

In the never-ending leaf blowing landscapers
I was wondering what ever became of us
you so in love with your own purposes
sitting at the Apple observing an
endless stream of endless ants on the sill
marching toward a deadly little house.

* * * * *

Joan Payne Kincaid has published a collection of work entitled Greatest Hits with Pudding House Publications. She has also published a book with Wayne Hogan entitled The Umbrella Poems in which we both contributed drawings of some of our poems.  She has also published a collection of haiku entitled Snapshoots on the web at <>. Her work has been published in Hawaii Review, Limestone Poetry Review, Licking River Review, Iodine, Hampden,Sydney Poetry Review, Main Street Rag, Santa Clara Review, Green Hills Literary Lantern, South Central Review, The South Carolina Review,  Cross Currents, Georgetown Review, Edgz, 88,  Oyez, Modern Haiku, Iconoclast, Lynx Eye, Yalobusha Review, Mother Earth Journal, Tule Review, The Quarterly, Cairn, among others. Her contributions to Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure can be found here.

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