From Dark to Light: Notes from Guest Editor, Michael Fitzgerald-Clarke

or the next six days, a creation, of a special sort.

On the first day, the dark, bleak vision of Steven Jacks that challenges us to look at ourselves both collectively and as individuals.

On the second day, Richard Lance Williams’ poem offers us, both in its structure and its imagery, measured hope.

On the third day, Kathleen Romana evokes the city of her birth.

On the fourth day, Laurie Coker and Thom Anon show how this age of instant communication can offer a cornucopia of creativity.

On the fifth day, Christine Orchanian Adler, a resident of The Big Apple, takes us sublimely away, through watercolour hues of emotion.

And on the sixth day, laughter. Dawn DeAnna Wilson’s immaculate conception.


hen, on the last day of a busy week for your guest editor, I slip my tongue from my cheek and in all sincerity acknowledge and thank a wonderful group of friends for being part of this, my second, guest stint.

I wish to briefly celebrate friendships longstanding and new: Thom I’ve known since 1983 and it was through the kindness of his great heart that I got my start as a poet; and Steven and Dawn have been pillars of support for me during some of my darkest, most troubled hours.

Thanks to Ric, especially for being so generous of spirit in supporting the writing community of Austin for several decades; to Christine for inspiring me with her friendship and work; to Kathleen for her love and light; and to Laurie, a new friend.

And everything was very, very, very good, to the point of being spiffingly good.

* * * * *

Michael Fitzgerald-Clarke is an Australian poet who lives in Townsville, Queensland. One of his present projects is a MS titled Five Faves, Five Least Faves. When it is finished, it will comprise one hundred dedicated poems, for one hundred people, who will each have given Michael their five favourite, and five least favourite, words. He weaves all ten of them into that person’s poem. Feel invited to take part. E-mail him your words to michael(dot)fitzgeraldclarke(at)gmail(dot)com. He blogs here.  If Michael could have just one wish, he would give the wish away. 

This is Michael’s second guest editor stint at Snake-Oil Cure. To see his previous week of goodies, and his own contributions, click here.

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