the room is not the same room

the room is not the same room
it is rot & ruin & open
wounds where
doors once
hung to
& crows curtain
windows closed to
wider warmer worlds
she kneels with a camera
the black & the rust copper &
tarnished silver the whiteness of
fungus lace & delicate lapping waves
how did we find the ocean in this room
the shadow of a woman leaning into wind
click click click the mechanics of separation
her mother saying: it all goes in the same place
(                                           ) the light polishing the day
to bone to marrow to gone—where do we keep this

* * * * *

Richard Lance Williams has been the “Litera” editor for The Austin Chronicle since 1988. He is the senior editor for Dalton Publishing, where he has edited the poetry of Michael Gilmore, Lyman Grant, W. Joe Hoppe, and Texas Poet Laureate Larry D. Thomas. His the secret book of god was named in 2007 by Robert Bonazzi of the San Antonio Express-News as “The Best Book of Poetry by a Poet Living in Texas.” His work has appeared in Aileron, The Texas Poetry Review, The Hudson River Review, Right Hand Pointing, Affirming Flame: Writings By Progressive Texas Poets in the Aftermath of September 11th, and others. He has a master’s degree in mythological studies/depth psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.


This week is being guest edited by Australian poet Michael Fitzgerald-Clarke.

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