Nymph Finding the Fullness of Freedom

This poem was inspired by the photography work of Luca Napoli, previously featured at Snake-Oil Cure in the post Exposure № 058: Festivals of the Provinces II

ut from her antenna, suicide is not
always an escape.

Opens her eyes and puts the moon
asleep.  Sees lands and scapes of
being mixed with moving caravans,

her chaperone quick to follow.

The sun went out.
Laughter left the room, she’d
never known such emptiness
and non-attachment.

Don’t leave me here this way.
Hide the tracks, close the cover,
dig, dig and dig.

Cover up all the deserts.  Anyway
you don’t need to close your eyes,
just keep your mouth shut.

Desolate birds thrown from trees;
a nymph won’t show her face.
Makes trouble in the trough.
Crawls through grime, even men
from outer space can’t restrain her.

She is good and kind, simply hard to find.

* * * * *

Gisele Vincent-Page lives in Canada and is the author of Strolling Down Heaven’s Gate, a compilation of prose and poetry relating to her 28 years of living with HIV. She has received the Poet of the Week  award on two occasions on Super Poetry Highway. Her poems have been published in Mused; Bella online; Poetry Soup; all things girl, Fanstory; allpoetry.com;Author’s Den; received the Poet of the Month award from The Writing Forum.  The Body HIV/AIDs Newsletter has also published one of her poems. She has written blogs for the websiteA Girl Like Me (AGLM).

Her previous contributions to Snake-Oil Cure can be found here.

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