Hurley Pulp: Emerald Eyes


e reminded me of Freud, with his beard and glasses. I had never seen eyes like his.

Nobody in the city had emerald eyes.

He had come to Calcutta to consult with my husband, Dr. Dibyendu Sur, about the
medicinal properties of neem.

I didn’t see much of Dr. Hurley. Often, he would work late into the night at the temporary
lab he had set up.

I became pregnant shortly after he left India. My husband was overjoyed and bought me
an expensive Benarasi silk sari.

It was a boy. He had his father’s looks. Dark hair. And, emerald eyes.

Sanchari Sur

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  1. Thibein joule turn into a story. Great stuff!

  2. +1 Never imagined one could capture such a neat tale in just 100 words.


     /  June 6, 2012

    :) Maybe pulp IS a little you.

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