Kalar the Apprentice, № 03

A full moonrise later, a tyrant and his men rode into the camp. Kalar ran between the burning shelters and fallen bodies to get to his Father. He found him cradling Kalar’s Mother. She was still, at peace for all the horror about them.

He spotted Kalar. He drew his sword. A long, heavy blade made by skilled hands generations before. The tip glinted in the sunlight. Amidst the blood and smoke, it was magnificent.

“Kalar, run into the forest. Do not stop. Do not turn around. Hide. Quickly!”

Kalar hesitated.

“Now!” his Father yelled. “Go!”

* * * * *

Kalar The Apprentice – A Fantasy Adventure told in 20 installments of 100 words! Written by Tony Healey – author of The Stars My Redemption, available now in the Kindle Store. www.tonyhealey.com @FringeScientist on twitter

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