Kalar the Apprentice, № 15

“Crowstone, tell me how did Thacnor come to live the life of a tyrant?” Kalar said.

Crowstone poked the ashes of a dying campfire with a stick. Thacnor was not far away. The fire was only hours old.

“Kalar, you will learn that there is no right or wrong. Good or bad. There is only where you find yourself. All men come to the same crossroads.”

He looked about, settled on the right direction and walked on. Kalar fell in step.

“Thacnor just made the wrong choices,” Crowstone said.

Kalar nodded, though he didn’t fully understand.

* * * * *

Kalar The Apprentice – A Fantasy Adventure told in 20 installments of 100 words! Written by Tony Healey – author of The Stars My Redemption, available now in the Kindle Store. www.tonyhealey.com @FringeScientist on Twitter

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