Kalar the Apprentice, № 18

Kalar killed the last of Thacnor’s minions. Quickly. Then he pounced on Thacnor.

From nowhere Thacnor produced a sword of his own. A long, black twisted thing with barbs at the hilt. They fought amongst the corpses of Thacnor’s men. Back and forth in front of the campfire.

The broken disc of the moon bathed their rage in a waterfall of blue light.

Thacnor cut at Kalar. He shifted, Thacnor’s sword just missing. Then Kalar swung at him. He made a cut across the other man’s belly a foot wide. Thacnor stumbled back.

* * * * *

Kalar The Apprentice – A Fantasy Adventure told in 20 installments of 100 words! Written by Tony Healey – author of The Stars My Redemption, available now in the Kindle Store. www.tonyhealey.com @FringeScientist on Twitter

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