Kalar the Apprentice, № 19

His sword dropped to the ground. He stumbled and fell.

“You have beaten me. But I am not defeated Kalar, savage born. Sword and simple pleasant spells alone will not end my existence,” Thacnor said.

Kalar raised his sword in the air. “By the steel of my Father, and his Father, I shall finish you, dark one!”

He swung down. Thacnor closed his eyes. Waved his hand. Kalar’s sword slashed through nothing. All was darkness. The fire was gone. The bodies. Thacnor. Kalar was alone.

Then Thacnor’s voice. Distant and thin. “Until we are next met.”

* * * * *

Kalar The Apprentice – A Fantasy Adventure told in 20 installments of 100 words! Written by Tony Healey – author of The Stars My Redemption, available now in the Kindle Store. www.tonyhealey.com @FringeScientist on Twitter

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