Kalar the Apprentice, № 20

Kalar woke, wandered a while in a daze. The suns rose. He arrived at a river.

Collapsed under the shade of a Jufura tree that grew on the bank. Sat there a while to remind himself of all that had happened. It seemed so long ago.

Where was Crowstone? Thacnor? What magic had Thacnor worked against him?

The pain in his head thundered. He shook it to clear it.

Kalar closed his eyes. Fatigue took him. The Jufura leaves rustled in the breeze and the world moved on without him.

* * * * *

Kalar The Apprentice – A Fantasy Adventure told in 20 installments of 100 words! Written by Tony Healey – author of The Stars My Redemption, available now in the Kindle Store. www.tonyhealey.com @FringeScientist on Twitter

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