Greetings from Dr. Hurley and Co.

To our dear, devoted Snake-Oilers,

We have languished in your absence (and ours!) in the past weeks, but are thrilled to reappear today, having shaken off the summer’s dust! Dr. Hurley’s tinkerers have been hard at work in this space and today marks the Snake-Oil Cure‘s first, halting, creeping steps out of the chrysalis of redesign. We hope you enjoy the spruced-up aesthetic and streamlined navigation. Do let us know how you like our new appearance! There are likely to be further changes over the coming weeks as we settle into our new (Snake) skin, but we will not disappear again!

The Doctor has asked us to advise you of one further change to his Prescription. Ever a proponent of moderation in all things (especially the good ones), the Doctor has directed us to publish fewer works each week in the hope that scarcity will highlight the quality of these works. Our new publishing schedule will be, roughly, new works on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and the traditional Sunday digest.

The intention is NOT to wean you from the Snake-Oil Cure‘s tedium-conquering powers, but rather to distill a more potent remedy and, further, to combat tedium by increasing your appetite through anticipation.

That being said, do send along your best works – all formats are welcome as always – and your best friends, both to read and to write in service of Dr. Hurley’s mission:

to attack tedium in all its forms, to root out its deteriorating influences, and prescribe our patients a course of healing that will lead them back to vitality, interest, health, and youth.

Best and warmest regards from

Your Editors

on behalf of

Dr. Seamus Hurley

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  1. LOVE the new layout – beautiful!!!

  1. Dr. Hurley’s Digest, Vol. II, Issue 28 « Dr. Hurley's Snake-Oil Cure

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