Butter-knife Slide III

Suddenly it’s too much and sometimes I know
what I want to for goldfinches
listing near marigolds
a banjo to make us sweat and I know he forgot
his slide and found  a substitute
to say you can move through the mirage.

Chords smooth as water on an inch of sunset
curtains wave  invisibly in  the melody
merrily gliding on a butter knife slide of verticals
or upside down cells of doubt you say.

It’s too hot for April already glistening
mirror-like in the film version of some novel
suddenly I know to be idling
Oriental, but he sings southern as grits,
in a contest of sweet predicament songs.

Spring green as far as the eye can go
in old niches and eateries
on that note you better decrease the volume
why the dog was barking is a mystery
one tree to another one in the northland
on perches consuming reports out of yes
email accumulates @ eye level
in  pink blooming lives of crime
outlandish as Sherlock Holmes in space.

* * * * *

Joan Payne Kincaid has published a collection of work entitled Greatest Hits with Pudding House Publications. She has also published a book with Wayne Hogan entitled The Umbrella Poems in which we both contributed drawings of some of our poems.  She has also published a collection of haiku entitled Snapshoots on the web at <TMPoetry.com>. Her work has been published in Gargoyle,Hawaii Review, Limestone Poetry Review, Licking River Review, Iodine, Hampden,Sydney Poetry Review, Main Street Rag, Santa Clara Review, Green Hills Literary Lantern, South Central Review, The South Carolina Review,  Cross Currents, Georgetown Review, Edgz, 88,  Oyez, Modern Haiku, Iconoclast, Lynx Eye, Yalobusha Review, Mother Earth Journal, Tule Review, The Quarterly, Cairn, among others.

Her other submissions can be seen here.

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