Kant’s Universal History

I come now to that part of my theory which gives its greatest charm, by the sublime idea
which it presents of the plan of the creation.
– Immanuel Kant, Universal Natural History and the Theory of the Heavens

This Earth slows for me, or it slows altogether.
And they hand me a prize from Berlin.
Sat in a gold adorned room, crossed the courtyard
passed the fountain, should be proud –

but the retardation of the Earth, it’s merely the Earth doing this.
Some unseen force of God.
Not me.

Just like this Milky Way that I am staring at tonight
through my telescope. Once these astronomers thought
these spots of light filled all the heavens
and the heaven of heavens without order and
without intention. But here
through this telescope
I can see.

Through this eye,
my camera obscura.

It must be our brains.
These marvellous brains
that have constructed
space and time.

But I cannot explain these processes.
How this data arranges.
Gives order to the chaos.

I Cant.

(The name
and hid).

And so begins

my silent decade.

* * * * *

Jess Taylor is the founder of The Emerging Writers Reading Series (http://ewreading.wordpress.com). She is also a fiction and non-fiction writer, a poet, an artist, and a musician. After growing up in the remote and often forgotten town of Palgrave, Ontario, she has moved to Toronto, Ontario. She is currently attending the University of Toronto for their English in the Field of Creative Writing MA Program. To read, watch, and see more of Jess Taylor, check out www.jesstaywriter.com.

This is her first contribution to Snake-Oil Cure.

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