Impression № 054: West Village Reader

Gregg Chadwick tells us about his painting:

“The simple but profound act of reading opens new worlds and vistas in my oil on linen painting West Village Reader.  New York City provides the backdrop. This city of dreams drew Federico Garcia Lorca to study and write Poet in New York at Columbia, Diego Rivera to paint Man at the Crossroads at Rockefeller Center, Patti Smith to write and sing and fall in love and life with the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe at the Chelsea Hotel.”

* * * * *

Gregg Chadwick is a Santa Monica-based artist who has exhibited his artworks in galleries and museums both nationally and internationally. Chadwick earned a Bachelor’s Degree at UCLA and a Master’s Degree at NYU, both in Fine Art. He has had notable solo exhibitions at the Manifesta Maastricht Gallery (Maastricht, The Netherlands), Space AD 2000 (Tokyo, Japan), and the Lisa Coscino Gallery (Pacific Grove) among others. He has participated in a variety of group exhibitions including the LOOK Gallery (Los Angeles), the Arena 1 Gallery (Santa Monica), and the Arts Club of Washington (Washington DC). Chadwick is frequently invited to lecture on the arts and social justice; in 2011-12 he spoke at UCLA, Monterey Peninsula College, the Esalen Institute, and at the World Views forum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Gregg Chadwick is represented by the Sandra Lee Gallery in San Francisco, California. Gregg Chadwick’s website is at His blog, Speed of Life, explores the intersections between the arts and social justice. Chadwick’s flickr page is often updated with new paintings and work in progress.

His submissions to Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure can be found here.

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