Exposure № 100: Cats at Chess

In celebration of reaching our one hundredth photography post here at Snake-Oil Cure, we’re featuring some diverse, yet fantastic images this week at Dr. H HQ.

Editor EEJ shares a photo to start this week, and tells us a little about it:

This is from a series of photos of the display windows at Leavitt & Peirce. It’s one of my favorite shops, not only because they sell the fanciest soap and snootiest presents for the men in my life, but because their window displays are like surreal little worlds unto themselves. I find endless inspiration there.

* * * * *

EEJ is usually to be found in the kitchen, where she likes to create complex, impossibly delicious things comprised mainly of butter and sugar.  Or she’s fussing with her orchids or reading or writing or making photos.  You can read about her cooking exploits at Darby O’Shea and see her photos on her Flickr page. You can call her Dr. Jones. Her contributions to Snake-Oil Cure are here.

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