See Naples and Die

On the wall of this hotel
There’s a framed photograph
Of a balcony in Naples
Overlooking the bay
And on a table in the foreground
Is a sign in three languages
That reads “Please don’t lean over”
Slightly unnerving perhaps
Suggesting a great drop
Hidden behind the flower bowl
Adorning this charming scene

It’s a black and white picture
For effect not because it’s old
With a message that is casual
Mysterious and cold
“Rest here in peace
And you will come to no harm
But don’t lean over too far
Or you will find death
Waiting open armed
On the rocks below you”.

* * * * *

David Subacchi is a well known poet and performer of his work in Wales and the North West of England. He has been published in both Welsh and English and hopes one day to write in Italian too. His English Language Collection ‘First Cut’ was published by Cestrian Press in 2012. His contributions to Snake-Oil Cure can be found here.

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