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Michael Fitzgerald-ClarkeToday is my birthday.  Among the gifts I’ve received is a party invitation from Seamus, and you all are invited.  This bash will go on for the next three weeks, and there are nine very creative people who will be featured on the bill of entertainment.

Believe me; I know these folks have that special something to – to use the saying people cooler than me use – rock your socks off.  Three short story writers; and six poets, one of whom is also going to share her photography.  Beginning today, it’ll be a short story to kick off each week, and then two poems to put the icing on the scrummy cakes.

And the good news for dear Seamus – and your good selves – is that only one of the nine artists has previously graced his e-rooms.  Today, Dawn DeAnna Wilson, who has featured here before will open the festivities, but from then on, following Dawn’s superb opening gambit, all the kings and queens of words are new.

A few years ago here in Australia (from whence I write) there was a TV spruiker named Big Kev.  He sold vacuum cleaners, weight loss plans, saucepans, tickets to Somali moon festivals: you name it.  His catch cry was always “I’m excited!”

Big Kev is no longer with us. One of his vacuum cleaners ate him, and he’s now spruiking his wares to the Big Spruiker in the Sky.  I’m still here, though, and, as I put on my party hat and ladle myself a glass of this delicious smelling punch, yes, you got it, “I’m excited!”

Michael Fitzgerald-Clarke

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