See and Know

I look around myself
Never spending much time in..
Easier to cast my eyes
Than knowing how I got to this place that I take in

I look around
Sometimes the words lie too much with me
Calmer more relaxed they would take their place
Open doors see a happier side
See my inability to extinguish lies

See and know
That you can’t take this picture from me
And god knows you tried

Because I have looked deep and around myself
And seen it here and now
That I’m glad to know you

* * * * *

David Mellor was born in Liverpool in 1964.He Left school with nothing, rummaging around various dead end jobs, he then went to college and university. In his 20s he first discovered poetry, and started writing and performing and has done so ever since. He has Lived on the Wirral for the past 8 years. His submissions to Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure can be found here.

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