Exposure № XXXX: A Place Called Home II

Photographer Suzie Chaney shares the first part of her series titled A Place Called Home.

Chaney 6

She tells us: “I stumbled across this tiny French village house, untouched for over 30 years. Luckily I had a camera with me, one I had just picked up at a junk shop and had loaded it with film but I had no idea if it worked. I shot these the little details with it, despite not knowing if they would even come out!”

Chaney 3


Chaney 2


* * * * *

Suzie Chaney is an artist living in the middle of nowhere between Toulouse, Spain and the sea. She primarily works with sculpture, printmaking, books and photography. Her work is inspired by precious fragments of flesh, bone and the mind. Fractures in time and structure and involuntary memory as fleeting moments of dappled light, the breeze through the window and the thing you may have seen in the corner of your eye. Check out her contributions to Snake-Oil Cure

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