About Snake-Oil Cure

About Snake-Oil Cure“The greatest ill of humankind is tedium. Nothing is more tiresome, nor more likely to advance the march of time and its cruel mistress, age, or to cause stomach upset, a bout of the vapours, or an ache about the temples. It is the duty of those who answer the call of medicine and those who plumb the depths of philosophy to attack tedium in all its forms, to root out its deteriorating influences, and prescribe our patients a course of healing that will lead them back to vitality, interest, health, and youth.” – Dr. Hurley

Dr. Hurley’s Snake Oil Cure
is a journal of fiction, photography, comic strips, art, reviews, opinions, and tonics, as well as a dash of everything else.

We currently invite submissions for our online journal, but also welcome anyone to submit to our print edition, which is coming soon. You can reach us at snakeoilcure@gmail.com.

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