The greatest ill of humankind is tedium. – Dr. Seamus Hurley
To help combat the tedious ills of the world, submit to Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure.
You can contact us at:
snakeoilcure [at] gmail [dot] com
But before you do, read the following:
For all submitters:
⁂ Make sure that you include the whole submission as an attachment.
⁂ Tell us who you are (we prefer a brief ~150 word, third person biography), and how you wish to be credited.
⁂ We are also happy to link to your existing website or Twitter feed.
To submit WRITING:
⁂ We are happy to review fiction, non-fiction, poetry, prose. We do accept flash fiction, but only if we LOVE it or are asking specifically for it. (Keep your eyes peeled for our frequent flash fiction contests!)
⁂ Send your writing as an attachment. We prefer .doc or .docx. We do NOT prefer .pdf.
⁂ Please format it as you would like it to appear.
⁂ Multiple poems should be submitted in a single attachment.
To submit VISUAL art:
⁂ We are happy to review photography, painting, comic strips, (well-photographed) sculpture, audiovisual content, video, or anything else you can think up.
⁂ If you have a Flickr account, you can submit your work directly to Dr. Hurley’s Flickr group here.
⁂ If you prefer not to submit via Flickr, please include your submission as an attachment. We prefer .jpg for visual material.
We also accept submissions for our ongoing series:

 Remedy № 02: Smithsonian Dialogues
Continuing on the American theme, we discovered recently that the Smithsonian Institution has a large archive of photos publicly available on their Flickr Stream.  What we would like is for you to go and pick a photo and respond to it.  Create a piece of visual art in response, write about it, write to it, write from its perspective!  Do anything you want with it!  Then send us a link to the original image along with your creation.

 Remedy № 03: Arboreal Artistry
That’s right: TREES. Send us you stories, art, music, poetry, comics or what-have-you that feature or are inspired by trees. Simple. Classic.

Archival Series:

 Remedy № 01: POTUS Portraits.

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