Dr. Hurley’s Digest, Vol. II, Issue 48

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Wednesday – Photography/Poetry

Friday – Poetry


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Exposure № 111: Blackest Crow

Anslow Blackest Crow

Photographer Dylan Anslow shares this self portrait with a crow, her father’s totem. This image was inspired by the Civil War-era song “As Time Draws Near.”

As time draws near, my dearest dear,
When you and I must part,
How little you know of the grief and woe,
And my poor aching heart.

It’s better I leave, for your sake,
Believe me, dear, it’s true,
I wish that you were staying here,
Or I was going with you.

I wish my breast were made of glass,
Wherein you might behold,
Upon my heart your name lies wrote,
In letters made of bone.

In letters made of bone, my dear,
Believe me when I say,
You are the one I’ll always love,
ntil my dying day.

The blackest crow that ever flew,
Would surely turn to white,
If ever I prove false to you,
Bright day will turn to night,

Bright day will turn to night, my love,
The elements will burn,
If ever I prove false to you,
The seas will rage and burn.

* * * * *

Dylan Anslow is a 19 year old aspiring ocean/earth scientist from Oregon, about to start school at Stanford. She hopes to convey her love and fascination with the earth, the ocean and their inhabitants, contagiously, through pictures and drawings (and maybe some day scientific research?). She likes taking pictures with just enough narrative to invite your mind to wander around them and think about the subjects and what they were thinking or dreaming of. Her submissions to Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure can be found here.