Impression № 031: See Who I Am

With this image, Mariel Arenas invites us to look inside her.  In this image, she is exploring the role of the individual in creating and analyzing his or her own identity.  This image is marked by Arenas’s love of texture and color.
* * * * *
Mariel Arenas is a Mexican photographer living in Puebla, Puebla. She always attempts to capture or create moments shown in photographic images. Her inspirations are dreams, and life, real or unreal.  She intends to transmit the  feel of a situation, or simply to reflect what she sees. To see her other contributions to Snake-Oil Cure click here.

Exposure № 028: 7 Dreams

Another dreamy image from Mariel Arenas.  We love the fault lines of the moon’s face and the splash of blue at this dreamer’s waist.

Exposure № 025: Bad Day

Poor Giraffe.  Photo by Mariel Arenas.

Exposure № 022: Looking into the Sky

Mariel Arenas tells us that this image is based on “a dream and represents a crossroads, each side with a lot of possibilities that apparently could be good that depend on the future”.