Exposure № 076: Priests, Boxers & Shoeshines

Photographer Matteo Allegro brings us priests, boxers, and shoeshines.


“The Young Bootblack”:
This young boy was working as a shoeshine for the customers of a local restaurant in Phnom Penh. Cambodia.
“Training Ground”:
A young athlete is training at A.S.D. Bulldog’s Gym, Milano. With a 70’s Style Black & White treatment, I’d like to remind people of Muhammad Ali’s photos from that era.
“A strange encounter”:
A Cambodian priest looking after the entrance of an ancient temple in the Angkor Archelogical site. Cambodia.

* * * * *

Matteo Allegro is an Italian photgrapher who began taking photos simply for enjoyment before discovering a real fever for photography when in Tokyo whilst shooting with a compact camera. His passion has evolved in the course of his travels around the world, from his first  love for landscapes to a fervor and sensitivity for portraits. His other contributions to Snake-Oil Cure can be found here.