Impression № 037: Gazok

Artist Felipe Daniel brings us this caricature of our future children. He tells us more about “Gazok”:

This character is the most special to me because it came on a night in which thoughtful came to mind: How will children be in the future? And herein lies the answer … Children with gas masks and mechanical arms or legs. The creative process: Reference, paper and pencil, and finished in Photoshop.

* * * * *

Felipe Daniel, a.k.a. Paraink, is 22 years old, was born in northern Brazil, and currently lives in São Paulo, where he has been studying digital painting, design and the future of 3D. He studied product design but does not work in that area, instead having becoming interested in illustration. His character ideas arise from daily life in São Paulo, sometimes from ​​people walking down the street or in the subway, from branches, from the remains of paint on the ground, from twisted steel and from people talking. Most of his creations start in his sketchbook. He mentally distorts people and objects and very often ends up creating an interesting character, though not always the one he imagined!

His other contributions to Snake-Oil Cure can be found here.


Born with this big bundle
and chattering
scattering love like dropped petals
from wildflowers
carelessly and carefully.

what I picked
for you, mommy! From my
hot and sweaty hand
she takes them, but
later I find them
on the sand.

But still
I am alive with love.
Its pulsing
Never sure
it’s wanted

She tells me
my love’s too big
to sit on her lap
breaking her knees
her arms won’t reach ‘round it.

My love in me is
You squeeze my shoulder
and I turn
to see your eyes
so dark
so glowing
your smile

I love you
and it settles
smoulders like a smoky fume.

I love you
and it flares
my kindling
and crackling
consumed in moments.

I love you
and I’m lost in it.
Inside me
outside me
flowing like a lifeline.

Hang on.
I pull you out
from drowning.
I warm you up
and set you breathing.

I love you in
I love you out
teeth chattering.