Impression № 024: Bath

Another by Richard Vergez.  Those nets are worrisome!

Impression № 021: Deux

Another brilliant collage by Richard Vergez.

Impression № 019: Exhalation

Collage by Richard Vergez.

Impression № 017: Shake

Richard Vergez tells us:


hese few selections are based heavily on simplicity and minimalism, using no more than 2 elements to convey the “collage.” All of my collages are hand cut from vintage books, and all improvised for the most part. I find that manually cutting and pasting collages is a bit more challenging and adventurous considering images cannot be resized or skewed. My inspirations come from avant-garde and Dada art, as well as experimental and improvised music.

Look forward to more of these fabulous collages in the coming weeks!