Dr. Hurley’s Digest, Vol. II, Issue 39

Check out fiction from previous Snake-Oiler Kevlin Henney, and poetry from newbie Esther de Vries below.

Monday – Fiction

Wednesday – Poetry

  • skin by Esther de Vries


Keep your eyes peeled for more coming this week!


my skin today is wafer thin
freckle patterned washi paper
a word from you could land awry
leave a dent or worse
spread blue ripples
from follicle to epidermis
I hold my tongue, fold in
to stop the tide

our kitchen window frames
an ukiyo-e print
the ink outline of a branch
speaks of cherry blossoms
my eyes, a well,
lack the habitual filter
for beauty,
they flow

I thicken my skin,
soften beauty’s impact
by writing pale pink flowers
on the hardened branch
to see joy
not death approaching
when the pen speaks
your fingers may touch
I might not flinch

* * * * *

Esther de Vries is Dutch, holds a masters degree in French literature and teaches English at an international school in Zurich, Switzerland. This is her first contribution to Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure.