Hurley Pulp: Tricky Trader


hat’s he done that got your knickers in such a twist anyhow Joe? Sold your wife some fancy soap?”

“I wish that were it sheriff. But Betty, she been diff’rent since he rolled in, coming home with notions.”


“Notions sheriff. ‘Pinions ’bout things…you know, private things, ‘atween man and wife.”

The sheriff raised his eyebrows.

Next day, Dr Hurley was nowhere to be found. A mob was gathering on main street, Joe at the head.

The sheriff held up his hand as he approached. “Don’t worry Joe. That Irish quack is long gone.”

“Yeah,” said Joe. “And so’s our wimmen.”

Louise Kane

Dr. Hurley’s Digest: Vol II, Week 13

Get excited for this week’s short but sweet festival of Dr. Hurley-inspired 100-word PULP. Those posts will begin appearing tomorrow. If you’d like to send a last-minute entry to the contest, send it along!

It was a short week at Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure, but as you know, the best things come in small packages. It was a week with four (FOUR!) new Snake-Oil contributors, bringing us photography, fiction, and poetry. Here’s what you missed this week:




Dr. Hurley’s Summer Contest Series № 1: Hurley Pulp

As Summer heats up, we artistic vagrant types spend less time in our sweltering garrets and more time frolicking on beaches and in parks. This leads to altogether too much distraction and a creative ebb. To combat Summer’s happy creative lull, Dr. Hurley recommends a series of super-short fiction contests to provide a challenge and a distraction!

The first year’s contests were a resounding success (The results can be seen here.) and we look forward to another rousing round of entries!

With no further ado, here is your assignment:

Hurley Pulp

Write one hundred (100) words in a pulp genre (romance, western, sci-fi, mystery) starring none other than the adventurous, dashing, otherworldly, and devious Dr. Hurley. While we continue assembling his biographical details, you will supply his fictional adventures. Your entries can be set in any period, any location, and any of the above-mentioned genres, but must feature the good Doctor. (For reference, see the biographical information contained here, here, here, here, and here.)

Submit your stories to snakeoilcure {at} gmail {dot} com by next Sunday, May 27th by 6 PM, Eastern. The best ones will appear shortly after that and winners will be chosen by your editors and by our readership.

Dr. Hurley’s Digest Volume I: Miscellany

To wrap things up, here are 1) the historical documentation of Dr. Hurley’s life and times, 2) a few Aphorisms, and 3) a few Tonics.

Dr. Hurley

Dr. Hurley’s Digest Volume I: Contests

And here are the results of our 100 word story, Irish Balderdash, and Sonnet contests.

100 Words

Irish Balderdash


Dr. Hurley’s Digest Volume I: Smithsoniana and Non-Fiction

Today we bring you the results of the first year of Smithsonian-inspired posts as well as our non-fiction selections.



Dr. Hurley’s Digest Volume I: Exposures

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Impressions Digest, today we bring you Dr. Hurley’s Exposures from Volume 1.

Dr. Hurley’s Digest Volume I: Impressions

Today, we’re thrilled to present a catalogue of Volume I’s Visual Impressions:

Dr. Hurley’s Digest Volume I: Poetry

Today we give you the Digest for Volume I: Poetry

Dr. Hurley’s Digest Volume I: Fiction

Dear Snake-Oil Devotees:
Today marks the Doctor’s first anniversary in internetland. To celebrate, he is thrilled to present the Master Digest of Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure each day this week.
Your editors, with the Doctor, look forward to an equally splendid second year and a successful Volume II.