Impression № 036: Torch Lake

Torch Lake: A bottomless lake in Antrim County, Michigan.More on Todd Michael Freeman‘s inspiration:

I’ve also started including more landscape-like images, where small scale scenes are the dominant subjects. They depict phenomena and geological processes that are otherwise too large or slow to see, and map the movement of continents, bodies of water and other unseen events below our feet. With this new work the options for my pictorial index really opened up, and I truly don’t ever see myself running out of stories to tell.

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Impression № 033: Island Forming

Todd Michael Freeman on his inspiration:

“I work from stories collected from natural history, fables, and haunting memories from my boyhood library. I’ve always been fascinated with tales of strange animals and the paranormal in general, so the traditional, documentative aspects of printmaking just married perfectly with the subject matter. I rarely find myself doing specific research, my work is more a result of years of acquired grazing in a lot of different areas. I read a lot of nonfiction science and history books, but often an idea for a print will spark after reading a lone remarkable line. BBC science articles, antique engraving listings on Ebay, even bizarre passages from cryptozoology geocities sites all have contained perfect subject matter to work from. Some of my other prints are interpretations of broader, cross-cultural folklore themes, like old foes represented in ‘The Evil Animals‘ etching.”

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Todd Freeman’s other contributions to Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure can be found here.