Dr. Hurley’s Digest, Vol. II, Issue 45

We love welcoming new Snake-Oilers into the family, and this week, we had a great first fiction submission from Dawn Wilson, and some photos from Rodrigo Illarraga. And let’s not forget returning Snake-Oiler David Subacchi.


Monday – Fiction

Wednesday – Photography

Friday – Poetry

So that’s what you missed, Sunday friends! More to come next week.

Exposure № 107: Trees


Photographer Rodrigo Illarraga takes part in our trees series with this beautiful picture. Let him tell you more about it.

The picture was taken with a Praktica MTL5B, a tank-like East German camera, and s Helios 44-M lens. The film was Kodak ProImage 100, a really cheap “professional” film apparently only available in Asia and South America. It was shot and processed at 400.
I usually find inspiration in sudden changes of light and lonely people. Also, I really love the strange mix of despair and joy that seems to appear in raw contact with nature. This picture was taken in an incredibly tight wood near the sea on the Argentinian coast, on a sunny winter day. My girlfriend was walking around and the lovely red hood she was wearing matched the warm tones of the light at the end of the woods. I simply wanted to remember that moment, stopping time through the camera. I think I did.


This post is part of a series on trees. Submit your tree features to snakeoilcure[at]gmail[dot]com.

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Rodrigo Illarraga is a 25 year-old photographer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is an ancient philosophy graduate student (actually just finishing aLicenciatura en Historia, a degree in History between a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree). He is currently researching platonic and socratic political thought. He loves to take pictures. He loves film.

This is his first contribution to Snake-Oil Cure.