Impression № 050: Dormilón

Artist Miguel Almagro shares a little about his inspiration for “Dormilon”:

The list of artists that I admire would be endless, but I have my particular pantheon! In order of when they first appeared in my life and the kind of impact they had: Jack Kirby, Herge, Moebius, Richard Corben and Robert Crumb, to name a few. Some of my pictures are part of a larger project, but most are just improvisations or little ideas.

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Miguel Almagro is an amateur artist living and working in Barcelona. He works in many media, but recently has begun focusing on using markers and digital drawing. He blogs here and his flickr is here. His posts at Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure can be found here.

The Literaryum

The Literaryum was originally designed as a special inspirational functional art space, in which to read and/or write. Of course it can also be used as a place in which to be creatively inspired in many other ways. The structure is formed into an eight foot cube made of steel and aluminum. The cube can be made larger, and/or it can be clustered together in multiples to form larger spaces. Five sides of the cube are fitted with aluminum panels, perforated with inspirational text chosen by the owner of the Literaryum. The letters of the text are cut out of the aluminum sheets that clad the surface of the cube, leaving a lacy semi transparent screen. The letters are cut from the aluminum  so they can be read from the inside of the structure; this means that they are reversed from the outside. These aluminum panels hinge open or closed over four eight foot sliding glass doors and the glass ceiling, so the text can be seen in every direction except through the floor.

A view of the Literaryum at night, with the interior light shining through the word-perforated aluminum panels.

Many accessories are available including, solar powered heating and cooling, interior privacy shades, interior custom night lighting fixtures, and a selection of interior custom designed furniture. The basic eight foot cube is prefabricated and can be delivered to nearly any site without special preparations and/or building permits.

The outer, word-perforated shell of the Literaryum opened for access through one of the four eight-foot, sliding glass doors.

Conceptually, the idea is to create a magical place made of inspired words, which surround the person inside, in hopes that this immersive environment will help the occupant in their own quest for creative inspiration.

An interior view of the Literaryum with three of the four sliding glass doors and one inspired occupant.

A detailed view of the word-perforated aluminum panels, with text from "Alice in Wonderland".