Dr. Hurley’s Digest, Vol. II, Issue 31

Relive some great poetry and photography from this week’s Snake-Oil Cure, and stay tuned next week, when we have even more new contributors.

Monday – Poetry

Kant’s Universal History by Jess Taylor

Friday – Photography

Exposure № 096: Rituals of the Lost Faith by Katerinna Ivanovic


Exposure № 096: Rituals of the Lost Faith

Photographer Katerinna Ivanovic talks about her series of images:

“This series talks about the unavoidable act of taking our past with us in every move, every thought, and every step we do. We are our ancestors, we have the information of our past in our blood. We are them, we are still being  them, we are those rituals, those believers, even if we don’t want to be, or we are not conscious of it.”


“Antique rituals and habits like adoration, our sense of guilt, and the celebration of old saints and pre-Hispanic idols are part of many cultures, and a daughter of those culture is important for representing the damages that religion did to us, making us believe that we are lost, that we are ‘sinners’.”

“The woman is represented like a dark shadow who feels the big weight of a past that runs through her veins.”

* * * * *

Katerinna Ivanovic is a  Mexican visual artist based in Italy who expresses her personal universe with media like painting, photography, writing, soft sculpture and recently also video. She is inspired by themes that have influenced her since she was a child, being part of a strong culture filled with myths, legends and magic. As she grew up, she started to study art, but also her culture and her country, traveling, exploring and showing interest and love for Anthropology and folklore to enrich her art  and make a fusion of her feelings and her roots. Her art talks about spirituality, occult sciences, alchemy, darkness but is also rich of colors and and a particular view of life and death. Her eclectic style let her to express with freedom, and without any particular tendency, making her art as primitive as modern just listening herself and the things she has to talk about. She lives and works like and artist in the North of Italy raising her two children and occasionally exhibiting her work. Her submissions to Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure can be seen here.