Dear Santa

here was a time when I thought I knew everything








ididnotknoweverything. That, in fact, Iknewlittleornothing.

Simply put, the only answer to this dilemma is as follows:

Dear Santa,
I’ve been a good girl (76% of the time) so
for Christmas this year I would like

• that irrational courage that comes with being 16
• to feel like an expert at something (even if its just flirting)
• the ability to stay awake for 72 hours – if that’s what it takes

And last but not least, I would like to believe that I know what I am doing with my life
and that OF COURSE this is the correct path to happiness and success

* * * * *

This week Emily Markussen Sorsher is acting as Guest Editor while Dr. Hurley puts the finishing touches to his prize-winning Christmas Pudding. We hope you enjoy the morsels she has hand-selected for your delectation!

* * * * *

Jag lives outside Boston where she writes poems and sings little tunes between acting and teaching gigs. When she is not on the stage (or behind it) she is researching ways for drama and creativity to expand the minds of today’s youth. Her submissions to Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure can be found here.