Exposure № 085: Innocence and Potential

This image is entitled “On Losing Innocence” and comes from photographer Lindsey Kemp’s series entitled “On Losing.” This series is a “representation of rhetorical items one can lose when transitioning toward their adult life. The spherical forms the items are placed in are representative of the light form present behind the projection in her work entitled “Event Horizon”, thus implying the effect of a black hole.”

This untitled image “is part of a series about reflecting on one’s future as opposed to their past and reading in to cues and coincidences.”

We love the surreality and dark imagery of these photos.

Exposure № 083: Hide

Photographer Lindsey Kemp brings us two untitled photos from her series “Hide.” Both of these evocative images deal with what Kemp calls “one’s desire to find comfort beneath the veil of their own body and evading social connections by doing so.”

* * * * *

Lindsey Kemp is an emerging photographically-based artist from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She obtained her BFA with a major in photography at OCAD University in 2012 in Toronto. Her work explores the magical, the ethereal, the scientific, and the spiritual within the mundane. Her current works in progress explore of sociological phenomenons, psychological disorders while satirically commenting and paying homage to old science fiction films. Lindsey is the editor of Eye Am Alive; a contemporary photography blog and soon-to-be quarterly publication.  She can be contacted at info@lindseykemp.com, and more of her work can be found at http://lindseykemp.com.

Her submissions to Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure can be found here.