The Albatross: August 3rd, 1766

(Note: The following is an extract taken from the accounts of that Pirate and seafaring blaccard known as The Albatross.)

August 3rd, 1766

“…as we were, and hunted like dogs. I ordered about, and for the Ruby-Susan be pointed Southward, to go on account t’ward the Bay of Biscay and to lay anchor awhile in Gigia. There be the port of El Musel, and safe haven to be had. I gave the order to strike the colours should we cross paths with lawmakers, but we were unmolested by that scurvy – not that we would have surrendered, you hear! I would no sooner have ordered the colours be shown, in truth, than I would point the end of a musket at my own heart and pull the hammer!

But we had no trouble until a storm blew onto us. I saw the shrouds torn to shreds, as if the winds had claws and the mainmast nigh snapped in two. Rain and thunder lashed the deck, and the gale had such ferocity I thought the sprogs would be run down the scuppers I did! In storms as that you see the water run green, churned up from the ancient belly of Poseidon. My first-mate observed a swordfish come from a wave that crashed abaft, in length as big as two grown men, and throw itself upon the decking thrashing and writhing in the wet. No man went near it, holding on for life to the ship for want of being washed away. Another roller struck the Ruby-Susan then, and took the beast back overboard, into the storm…”